Whether or not you are purchasing or generating steam, our thermal blanket insulation system will save you money and improve your steam system’s functionality

The energy savings created by our custom thermal blanket solution is a function of reduced heat loss. At the initial energy survey each unique valve, fitting, and piece of equipment that will be blanketed is identified. A surface temperature reading is also taken for each item. Based on the square footage and temperature of the item, the bare heat loss is determined in terms of BTU/Hr/SF. Using the customer's fuel cost and annual hours of operation of the device, the annual cost to operate the device uninsulated is calculated. The same calculation is then performed based on the insulated cost to operate the device at the lower insulated temperature. This delta is the annual financial savings.


Q = K (Delta T) / L + (K/Ht)
Q = Heatloss (BTU/Hr. / Sq.Ft.)
K = Bare Thermal Conductivity (STL and C.I. = 26.9)
K = Insulated Thermal Conductivity (T.M. = .36)
L = Insulation Thickness
Delta T = Surface Temp - Ambient Temp.
Ht = Combined Coefficients (300 Deg F. = 3.2)
(Radiation, Convection, & Conduction)





Total Heatloss Bare (BTU/HR) - Total Heatloss Insulated (BTU/HR)
= Heatloss Savings (BTU/HR)

Heatloss Savings (BTU/HR) x Annual Hours
= Annual Heatloss Savings (BTU)

Annual Heat Loss Savings (BTU)/1,000,000
= Annual Heat Loss Savings in mmBTU

Annual Heat Loss Savings in mmBTU x Fuel Cost in $/mmBTU
= Annual $ Savings