Through years of information gathering and manufacturing experience, standardized designs as well as custom designs are available for all types of equipment with INSULTECH® Thermal Blankets. All blankets are manufactured in the USA at the Shannon Enterprises CAD enabled engineering and manufacturing faciity in upstate New York. The designs are capable of withstanding various conditions and environments. We guarantee that all blankets will accomodate probes, gauges, tubing, piping, brackets, etc. and fit correctly for optimum performance. In addition, for 18 months we will cover the cost of replacing any blanket should the the failure be due to premature degredation of any component utilized in the blanket construction, as well as any defects due to workmanship.



Each blanket is custom made to exact specifications allowing for a a perfect fit and maximum thermal efficiency. This is achieved by taking detailed field measurements for retrofitting to existing field conditions. The blankets are easy to remove and reinstall allowing quick access and easy equipment serviceability.


For easy identfiation, an aluminum or 304 type stainless steel nameplate tag is riveted to each blanket piece. Embossed lettering will show location, date of manufacture, work order number, size, description, pressure rating, and tag/item number sequence.


The outer and inner jacket is a 17 oz/sq yd silicon impregnated fiberglass cloth. The insulation material is an 11 PCF fiberglass needled Mal-Type "E" Fiber. The Mat is encapsulated by the silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth and sewn together, producing a self-contained blanket. The blanket contains fasteners for easy removal and reinstall.


Double sewn lock stitching with a minimum of 7 stitches per inch is used. All raw jacket edges have a tri-fold silicone cloth binding. There is no raw cut jacket edge exposure. Stitching is done with PTFE coated fiberglass thread or PTFE Teflon coiated Nomex thread.


To accomodate a leak and detect its origin, blankets have a low point stainless steel drain grommet, or the blanket design will incorporate a mating seam at the lowest point of the blanket.


When designing blanket insulation for large equipment where a multi-piece construction is necessary, the total number of pieces will be minimized. Any single piece will not exceed 40 lbs. in weight. All multi-piece designs conform to the equipment with minimized air void.