The team at Shannon Energy Resources provides a unique turkey energy solution service to our customers. We develop and complete projects without any resource drain on the customer, allowing them to focus on their day to day operations. This means no time, energy, or money needed from the customer to get started saving money and energy with a differentiated solution that is uncommon in the marketplace.


  • Our custom engineered and fabricated thermal blanket insulation systems are designed, manufactured, installed, and warrantied to improve the insulation performance of your existing steam system. They dramatically increase steam system efficiency resulting in significant energy and financal savings to the customer.

    We identify the valves and fittings where traditional insulation cannot be used. Each blanket is CAD designed and custom fabricated for a perfect fit to match Gate Valves, Pressure Reducing Flanges, Strainers, Stream Traps, Heat Exchanger Heads, Boiler Heads, PRV Stations, Condensate Pumps, and similar equipment.

    Along with the benefit of immediate energy savings, the blankets are designed for quick removal and quick reinstallation. Problem insulation areas can now be addressed with a highly functional insulation system. Also, there is the added benefit of the lowering of ambient temperatures in mechanical rooms, tunnels, manholes, and the general work environment.


  • Many of the natural gas utility companies around the country have programs that offer financial incentives for energy efficiency projects. As part of our overall value offer to the customer, Shannon Energy Resources maximizes the available dollars available to help offset the total project cost. We not only handle the application and qualification process, along with any required measuement and verification, we also take financial responsibility for collecting the incentives. In the case where projects are eligible for utility incentives, the dollar amount is deducted from the total project cost and the customer is required to only make monthly installment payments on the net balance of the poject cost after incentive.


  • We enable our customers to enjoy a new, custom insulation system, and begin saving energy and money without any up front costs. Projects are paid through pre-set monthly installment plans designed around calculated energy savings. This puts the customer in a cash flow neutral scenario during the project payback period.